Solarpack’s click&go system relies on solar panels in its own projects, rather than in the homes of consumers, so households can consume renewable energy remotely. Clients can buy energy produced from their remotely owned panels for around €30 ($32.98)/MWh.

From pv magazine Spain

Spanish PV developer Solarpack has launched a new energy sales business under its click&go brand.

The new service offering is based on a remote solar self-consumption model that is already available for Spanish households and businesses. With click&go, customers can produce and consume their own solar energy without needing to install solar panels on their rooftops, as they will source their energy remotely from Solarpack solar plants.

Consumers can enjoy all of the output of their solar panels for self-consumption at cost, regardless of where they are located. Solarpack also guarantees the supply of additional energy that consumers might need and the sale of excess power generated by solar panels to the grid.

The price at which clients can buy electricity produced by their panels is close to €30 ($32.98)/MWh. The contract between the customer and Solarpack is 100% digital and immediate, without the need for paperwork or additional procedures.

The first plant that the company will use to support the new business is located in Tejeda de Tiétar, in the southern Spanish province of Cáceres. The project has a capacity of 10MW and is already producing energy equivalent to the consumption of around 5,000 medium-sized homes.

According to Iván Nieto, director of energy sales at Solarpack, click&go can significantly reduce the main barriers to access to solar energy for end consumers. These barriers include high upfront costs and the need to have adequate rooftop space and solar radiation, he explained.