Developed by French start-up Ecosun, the trailer is equipped with 15 solar panels with output of 360 W and batteries with a storage capacity of 23 kWh. It can be used for construction sites, military camps and water pumping systems.

French microgrid specialist Ecosun has launched Trailer Watt 15S — an autonomous solar-powered trailer that can be used to provide power in grid-disconnected environments.

The trailer has a size of 6.76 x 2.19 x 1.1 m and weighs 1.8 t. It is equipped with a foldable mast that can be raised to a height of 7 m and relies on four 50 W adjustable LEDs.

The vehicle can host between 15 solar panels with a power output of 360 W each and the resulting solar array can reach a nominal power of 5.4 kW. The inverter is a Multiplus II device provided by Victron with a rated power of between 3.5 and 8 kVa.

The Trailer Watt 15S system.

Image: Ecosun

The trailer is also be equipped with LiFePo4 batteries, which the manufacturer claims have high stability with 4,000 charge/discharge cycles at 90% depth of discharge (DoD). Their combined capacity can reach up to 23 kWh.

The system can also be connected to an external diesel generator or to the grid for backup power.

The vehicle is towable using a civilian vehicle and is easily deployable, either hydraulically or electrically. “The Trailer-Watt 15S solar trailer is the ideal solution for military camps, construction sites and water pumping in agriculture,” the manufacturer stated. “Made from high-quality European materials, this durable structure is equipped with fixed photovoltaic modules capable of being deployed in no time at all.”

According to the company, a single person may need between five and 10 minutes to completely deploy the solar system.