The German developer has committed to buying central inverters from Basque manufacturer Vizcaya, with the latter predicting it will supply the goods on a gigawatt scale annually.

Within days of winning this year’s Intersolar Europe best PV product award, Basque inverter maker Gamesa signed a deal to supply central inverters to Siemens.

Gamesa this week said it expects the German brand will buy a “gigawatt scale per year” of its award-winning Proteus products.

The Vizcaya-based inverter maker said it signed the supply deal at the Intersolar show in May.

Siemens will use the Proteus products in its photovoltaic and energy storage projects worldwide, Gamesa said in a press release this week.

The Intersolar award win marked the first time a central inverter had secured the gong.

Gamesa said its products offer a high power output of up to 4,700 kVA and a “record” efficiency of 99.45%.