Indian manufacturer Saatvik has developed bifacial PV modules based on mono PERC, half-cut technology. The multi-busbar modules boast an efficiency rating of 21.12%.

From pv magazine India

Indian module manufacturer Saatvik has developed bifacial PV modules with 21.12% efficiency and 545 W of peak power output. The multi-busbar modules feature half-cut passivated emitter rear contact (PERC) cells based on M10-sized monocrystalline wafers.

The backside of the bifacial module provides up to 25% additional power gain. The bifacial gain is significant on grassland, dry sand, and especially in snowfields. The modules come with a linear warranty of up to 30 years.

Recently, Saatvik raised its manufacturing output to 1 GW through the addition of a 500 MW mono PERC panel factory in Haryana. The new production base is equipped to make mono PERC, half-cut, multi-busbar technology to produce high-efficiency solar modules with power outputs of 530 Wp to 610 Wp. Saatvik is also coming up with an additional 1.2 GW of capacity in Gandhidham, Gujarat.