The Romanian authorities have allocated a budget of €457.7 million for the procurement exercise. Selected wind and solar projects will be granted rebates ranging from €425,000 to €1.3 million per MW installed.

The Romanian Ministry of Energy has launched a tender for the deployment of 950 MW of renewable energy capacity.

The government has allocated a budget of €457.7 million for the procurement exercise, which will be open to wind and solar projects that could also be linked to storage. Of this budget, €372.7 million will be devoted to projects exceeding 1MW in size and €75 million to wind and solar plants with a capacity between 200 kW and 1MW.

The Romanian authorities will grant a rebate of €750,000 per MW installed to PV projects with a power of 200kW to 1MW and of €425,000 per MW installed to solar arrays over 1MW. For wind power, the rebates are €1.3 million and €650,000 for the two project typologies, respectively.

Selected projects will have to begin commercial operations in June 2024. Interested developers will have time until May 31 to submit their project proposals.

Romania is also supporting rooftop PV deployment via the Casa Verde Fotovoltaice (green PV home) scheme for residential solar installations, under the national net metering regime. According to the latest statistics from the International Renewable Energy Agency, Romania had 1.39 GW of solar installed by the end of 2020.