The new product is mainly intended for use in commercial and industrial solar projects. It has a size of less than 2m² and features a short-circuit current below 15A.

Chinese module manufacturer Longi has unveiled a new 54-cell solar module based on M10 wafers with a size of 182mm, for commercial and industrial rooftop systems.

The Hi-MO 5m module has a rated power of 415W and a power conversion efficiency of 21.25%.

“Hi-MO 5m 54-cell modules feature PERC gallium-doped, p-type half-cut cells with the highest resistance against light aging (lowest LID) for maximum energy yield and are backed with a 25-year performance warranty,” the manufacturer said in a statement. “This technology has won performance and technology awards from the Renewable Energy Testing Center (RETC) and PV Evolution Labs (PVEL).”

The manufacturer said the new panels have a size of 1,722×1,134mm. “Their short circuit current is low and well below 15A,” it further explained. “At less than 2m² in size and less than 23kg in weight, the module [is] small and light enough for one person to install.”

According to the manufacturer, the new Hi-MO 5m 54-cell series can be deployed with standard mounting systems clamping onto the long and short sides of the module frame, as well as lay-in or slide-in systems and elevation systems with module edge clamping. “The modules are also compatible with most popular inverters,” it also stated, without providing further technical details.