The tender concluded with a final average price of €0.0519/kWh, which is slightly higher than the €0.050 reached in the previous procurement exercise of the same kind. Bids ranged from €0.0405 to €0.055/kWh.

From pv magazine Germany

The first round of Germany’s new tender scheme for ground-mounted PV projects has seen the allocation of 1,084 MW of solar capacity.

The procurement exercise was slightly oversubscribed, as the German authorities originally planned to allocate 1,108 MW and the German network regulator, the Federal Network Agency, agreed to review 209 project proposals with a combined capacity of 1,116 MW.

The tender concluded with a final average price of €0.0519/kWh, climbing slightly from the previous procurement round’s €0.050. Bids ranged from €0.0405 to €0.055/kWh.

The southern state of Bavaria secured the largest portion of the allocated capacity — 488 MW spread across 106 projects — followed by Rhineland-Palatinate, which secured 19 projects totaling 233 MW, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with 10 projects equaling 67 MW, and Saarland with 16 projects with a combined capacity of 66 MW.

The next round of the scheme is scheduled for June 1 and is planned to allocate around 1,200 MW of solar power.