According to the new provisions introduced by the French government, owners of PV systems with a capacity of up to 500 kW will pay a grid fee that is 40% of the current rate. As for heat pumps, their owners will pay only 20% of the fee.

From pv magazine France

French Minister for Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili announced on March 17 a plan to reduce the grid fee for renewable energy sources, heat pumps and EV charging stations.

The measure is part of the French government’s Climate and Resilience Law Climate intended to help households and businesses cope with the current energy crisis.

Over the next days, an ad-hoc decree is to be published and the measure is expected to include all PV systems not exceeding 500 kW in size, which are already being supported through feed-in tariffs. Currently, PV system owners are paying 60% of the grid fee to connect their installations and, with the new measure, they will pay only 40%.

Similarly, connection costs will be reduced for electric charging stations and for the installation of heat pumps, which will likely only pay 20% of the grid fee.

“The connection grid fee can be a brake on the deployment of certain small renewable electricity production projects as well as the installation of heat pumps, the development of which is nevertheless an essential issue in our energy policy,” said Pompili. “Reducing connection costs will make it possible to speed up their installations, especially in rural areas. This is a concrete step forward in advancing the country’s energy transition.”