Nickelsdorf, a small town in eastern Austria, has started building a 120 MW solar project. Upon completion, it will be the nation’s largest solar park.

From pv magazine Germany

Nickelsdorf – a small town in Burgenland, eastern Austria – has broken ground on what will be the country’s largest PV park to date.

The regional government plans to build the 120 MW solar plant as part of a hybrid wind-solar project, with a 164 MW wind farm. The plan is to reach grid connection by the end of this year.

“The citizens of Nickelsdorf stand behind this project,” said Mayor Gerhard Zapfl, noting that the solar panels will be placed at a height that will also enable livestock farming with sheep. “Between the rows of modules, flowering meadows should also ensure even more biodiversity and species richness and create new habitats for insects and wild animals.”

The power will be sold by local utility Burgenland Energie to its customers at a dedicated tariff.

“The population here in Nickelsdorf can benefit directly and save an average of €150 per household per year,” said Burgenland Energie CEO Stephan Sharma.