Talesun announced the project for the PV factory adding it will also develop 5GW of agrivoltaics in China’s Hebei Province. Longi has also announced it has raised the prices of its wafers again.

PV module maker Talesun announced on Wednesday it has signed an agreement with the government of Fuping County, in Hebei province, for a 5GW solar cell and module manufacturing facility. The company wants to invest around RMB5 billion ($793 million) in the new factory. Talesun added that it is also planning to deploy 5GW of agrivoltaic facilities in the region thanks to an investment of RMB3.3 billion.

PV module manufacturer Longi has further increased the prices of its wafers this week. ‘G1′ products, measuring 158.75-223mm, now cost RMB5.35 ($0.745) per piece, up by RMB0.10, and 166mm M6 wafers are by RMB0more expensive, at RMB5.32 (US$0.83). The price of M10, 182-247 mm wafers has been raised by RMB0.10 to RMB5.55 per piece (US$0.96). The price for M10, 182/247mm wafers remained unchanged compared to the previous price release.