Bangladesh has inaugurated its largest rooftop solar array under the opex model, at a location south of Dhaka.

Joules Power Ltd. (JPL) has set up the 3.2 MWp power plant on top of multiple buildings owned by Robintex Group, a German-Bangladeshi knitwear company.

The JPL-Robintex Rooftop Solar Power Plant is a 33,000 square-meter array. JPL provided $2.2 million in funding. JPL also built the country’s first utility-scale solar power plant – a 20MW system that went online in September 2018 – in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

The factory owner will buy electricity from the grid-connected rooftop solar plant over a period of 20 years for $0.077/kWh. The rate is at least 20% cheaper than grid power prices.

JPL said that the opex model is suitable for factory owners and investors.

“The opex model adds value to the off-taker as they are purchasing the power from JPL at a rate which is at least 20% cheaper than the grid line,” said Nuher Latif Khan, the managing director of JPL. “By executing a project under the opex model the factory owner saves on investment and ensures the highest returns from the solar plant in terms of efficiency.”

Bangladesh currently aims to generate 40% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2041.