Vietnam Solar Week 2021

12th – August, 2021 | 14:30 – 17:30 Singapore Time | Solarquarter 

About The Event

Vietnam plans to increase renewables energy mix to 21% by 2030. Vietnam installed more than 9 GW of rooftop solar and 1.549 GW utility-scale solar in 2020. It has seen a 100-fold increase in solar power over the last two years and now ranks seventh in the world in terms of total installed capacity. The region’s demand for power is witnessing rapid growth due to increased activities in the industrial, Commercial and residential sectors.

This event will provide a 360 Degree outlook of the Vietnam Solar Sector. The energy transition is larger and quicker in Vietnam. Business strategies need to be dynamic, This event will provide the right information for such decision making. It will have an array of insightful discussions on Business strategies adopted by leaders of both Rooftop and Utility Sector for sustainable growth. The event will discuss the Policies of change and market structure, Revolutionary Tech trends witnessed by the sector, How this transition is financed? Solar + Storage: Business Case along with CXO talks.

Key Session Highlights

  • Rooftop Solar Regulatory Outlook & Business Growth-What will act as catalyst?
  • Scaling-up: Growth Opportunities, Challenges & Market Outlook
  • THE BIG TECH TRENDS: Tech Trends Shaping Large Scale Solar
  • Future Technology Advancements in Rooftop Solar: Focus On Energy Output
  • Investment Outlook & Key Finance Drivers For Solar Sector

Who Should Attend

  • Developers-Utility Scale, Rooftop Scale, Floating Solar, Solar+ Storage
  • Services- Solar EPC, Solar O&M, Distributors, Logistics, Testing & Certification, Inspection
  • OEM- Modules, Inverters, Trackers, Structures, Monitoring Hardware, ESS, Cleaning Robots, Drones etc
  • Consulting-Business, Market Research, Engineering , Legal, Tax, Project Management, Finance, Testing & Certification
  • IT-Design Software, Data Analytics, Forecasting & Scheduling, Blockchain, Cyber Security, Automation, Artificial Intelligence
  • Finance, Government, Utility & Industry Bodies
  • Renewable Energy Consulting Firms


    Day 1 – 12th August, 2021

    02:30 PM – Opening Remarks 


    Day 2 – 13th August, 2021



    Andrew Toh – General Director, Sembcorp Energy Vietnam

    Bryse Gaboury – General Manager, BayWa-re

    Cheong Boon Lim – Head of Product and Marketing, APAC, Trina Solar Asia Pacific

    Federico Bestiani – Director, BEC Ltd

    Franck Constant – Founder and CEO, Constant Energy

    Frank Phuan – CEO & Executive Director, Sunseap Group

    Jennifer Oxlade – Investment Director, Pacifico Energy

    Lorenzo Mancini – Regional Sales Director, Total Solar Distributed Generation Asia

    Martin Baart – CEO, Ecoligo

    Milan Koev,  Founder & CEO, Hexagon Peak, Renewable Energy Consultant

    Nguyen Quang Huan – President, Halcom Vietnam JSC

    PhD. Nhon Nguyen – Chief Strategy Officer, Shire Oak International

    Phuong Anh Nguyen – CEO, Tona Syntegra Solar

    Pratyush Agarwal – Business Development Manager, Pixon Energy

    Samresh Kumar – Executive Chairman and CEO, SkyX Solar

    Supa Waisayarat – Country Director, SuperCorp Vietnam

    Terje Pilskog – EVP & Project Development and Project Finance, Scatec ASA

    Thomas Jakobsen – Managing Director, Indochina Energy Partners

    Tien Luu – Founder & Chairman, Solar Electric Vietnam

    Udayadittya Shome – Head of Sales & Supply chain – APAC, Juwi Group



    Energy Transition Webinar Series | Spotlight on Solar: Floating Solar, Rooftop Solar Opportunities in Southeast Asia

    15th July, 2021 | Future Energy Asia


    According to Wood Mackenzie’s projection, from 12.6 GW in 2019, Southeast Asia’s (SEA) combined solar PV capacity could nearly triple to 35.8 GW in 2024. 

    As the cost of electricity production from solar PV falls significantly, the region will see energy consumers choosing solar, especially floating and rooftop solar. Both offer the advantage of requiring minimal land cost and being linked to existing electricity network. 

    In this webinar, the floating and rooftop solar opportunity in Southeast Asia will be evaluated in-depth:

    • What floating and rooftop solar incentivizing mechanisms (FiT, DPPA, auction, etc.) are being considered for implementation in Southeast Asia markets in the next 5 years? 

    • How will coupling with an energy storage unit enhance the ROI of a floating or rooftop solar PV system? 

    • In the case of floating solar, how will combining solar and hydro power plants impact the project’s economics? 

    • Used in conjunction with P2P energy trading, rooftop has the potential to empower the consumer to procure their own decentralized green energy supply at the best price. Can the scenario be realized on a large scale in SEA> 

    • In SEA, corporations are playing an increasingly important role in driving demand for renewable energy and providing additional capital for the sector. Can technology innovation such as blockchain enable a flexible and transparent REC system to encourage corporations to adopt renewable energy? 




    Sol Proops, Senior Delivery Director, Macquarie Group
    Franck Constant, CEO, Constant Energy
    Dang Chi Lieu, Partner, DNA Vietnam LLC
    Milan Koev, Founder & CEO, Hexagon Peak, Solar Energy Consultant
    Hendrik R. Bohne, Head of Business Development & Asset Management, Aquila Capital    


    Rooftop solar PV continues to gain momentum in Southeast Asia (Indian Chemical News)


    Since corporates have their own business issues to deal with during this pandemic, their priorities aren’t just solar or green energy, says Sol Props, Senior Delivery Director, Macquarie Group as he points out a temporary slowdown in the energy market.

    Sharing his thoughts alongside other experts at the webinar, ‘Spotlight on Solar: Floating solar, rooftop solar opportunities in Southeast Asia’, Props mentioned, “Closing deals was very tough physically during the pandemic but our company managed to get a 1.3 gigawatt project in the Philippines online. Industry issues and more tariffs for corporates have created a burden. In Vietnam, it has been more about the corporate rooftops. Corporate PPAs and offsite corporate PPAs in rooftop solar PV markets will be our focus in the next few years. There are growing markets such as Korea, Arab countries, and Japan. The investments will be where land cost is lesser, agriculture land is scarce and low value industrial areas. Among challenges are cleaning the panels with detergents, raining environment, mud waste, marine growth. We require sufficient engineering to tackle marine growth. Money and engineering would help to cope up besides the development process and customizations.”

    Lieu Dang, Partner, DNA Vietnam LLO, a top renewable energy consulting firm, shares his perspective in the context of Vietnamese market: “Vietnam is expected to have second-highest solar PV penetration in power generation in the region by 2030. From the beginning of the outbreak to the end of 2020, we managed to do 9 gigawatt of rooftop solar PV. The pandemic impacted certain businesses yet it hasn’t stopped individuals and corporates to tap opportunities. From the development side, the M&A market is active. People have difficulty in travelling to the country but we are still seeing positive responses through various means.”

    Milan Koev, Founder & CEO, Hexagon Peak says, “We are currently serving 4 countries and have achieved 50 megawatt of rooftop PPAs in Vietnam. We are now looking at other markets. Business wise traveling is not possible and doing the Capex intense projects online is of course not perfect but then there are technologies to service. The second aspect is global and looking at the bigger picture, this crisis has woken up a lot of people who weren’t considering climate change and environmental issues as a big concern. I see a lot of development in many big corporations committing to carbon emissions now. Perhaps it is the result of Covid-19 situation. In Vietnam, there is an upcoming project which is a significant development. We are currently dealing with industry level companies who are extremely eager to set up their contracts in order to secure their green energy supply. Pandemic has opened up new opportunities.”

    Organized by Future Energy Asia, the discussion was moderated by Hendrik Bohne, Head of Business Development & Asset Management, Aquila Capital.

    Rooftop Remains Popular Choice

    Sharing a comparative account of floating solar PV and rooftop solar PV, Dang says, “Floating solar PV is encouraged by the government. The tariff is lower than rooftop and there are several projects that reached COD. There are 10 new projects under consideration. One of the challenges is that the developer has to pay a lot of cost and needs to be minimized. Earlier the cost was 9.3 cent per hour and has decreased to 7.69 cent. Hopefully, it will get reduced further. Comparatively, rooftop solar projects in Vietnam are not more than 1 megawatt and given the small scale and regulatory clarity, it is there to stay. Floating is for utility, rooftop is small scales. Rooftop is easy as the regulation for utility is yet to come in Vietnam. Uncertainty in case of floating is an issue. We need to wait.”

    As per Props, any project on rooftop definitely wins on the financial front. “Rooftop will go ahead in the next five years. It is a tougher market and tough to find the contractors that are bankable. Construction business needs equipment guarantee. Financial institutions and insurance to improve too have to ensure scalability. We must remember that solar technology started in space and we can overcome all challenges.”

    Milan Koev says, “From Southeast Asia perspective, there hasn’t been much development after the outbreak of the pandemic. Only exception is Vietnam where we have seen exposure to larger projects. It has significantly lower volumes than what it used to be. Lack of attractive subsidy has pushed a lot of developers to rooftop space. Situation on the revenue side is very attractive for rooftop. Since South Korea, Japan and Taiwan are running out of land, there are good opportunities in floating solar PV. At the same time, there is an issue of cost. We have to see a lot of tech improvements, floating cost and maintenance cost. These add to the Capex costs. The floats may be more expensive than solar panels. In coming areas we will see reduction of costs.”

    Growth Drivers

    Props bet big on the advantages of power purchase agreements (PPAs). He feels that 10-20 years of PPAs are aimed at building trustworthiness, and relationship between parties. “We can bring rigor in investment if the assets are attractive for corporations. There are huge volumes of corporate PPAs in India where corporates can buy huge volumes of energy with significant discounts and lower tariffs for 1 megawatt projects.”

    Agrees Milan Koev who says the revenues and project returns are better in PPAs. “Private PPAs will not move beyond 1 megawatt and are without any government subsidy. Majority of developers moved utility to the rooftop due to higher returns.”

    “We are involved in a couple of projects in South Korea, more on the offshore floating and seawater floating. The lakes have been low hanging fruit for solar PV to pick up but essentially to go through scale and create many industries within industries such as offshore. We are just a few years from reaching our goals. Bank finance and lack of data are challenges. For agreeing to finance the projects, banks are seeking data on technologies. Once more data comes in, we will see the finance and industry picking up,” sums up Koev.

    How Can Emerging Markets Leapfrog to Clean Electricity?

    12th July, 2021 | 15:30 – 17:00 IST | Council of Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW), India


    About the Event 

    Renewable electricity is the cleanest and cheapest alternative to fuel growth in demand in emerging markets. India is already leading the way, as several other countries continue to seize this opportunity. Renewables create jobs, reduce pollution, reduce import costs, and accelerate development, creating unique conditions to achieve the trifecta of jobs, growth and sustainability.

    The Parishad webinar will mark the launch of the report ‘Reach for the Sun: The Emerging Market Electricity Leapfrog’ by Carbon Tracker and CEEW. The session will focus on the ongoing energy transition in India and emerging economies and will map the pathways to align the energy transition for emerging economies with the Paris climate targets ahead of COP26.




    •  Kalikesh Narayan Singh Deo – Former Member of Parliament, India
    •  Milan Koev – Chief Executive Officer, Hexagon Peak, Solar Power Consultant
    •  Xavier Garcia-Casals – Energy Transition Senior Expert, Policy Unit, International Renewable Energy Agency
    •  Jemma Green – Co-founder & Chairman, Power Ledger
    •  Kingsmill Bond – Energy Strategist, Carbon Tracker Initiative
    •  Arunabha Ghosh – CEO, CEEW Arunabha



    Transformation & Sustainability | Vietnam Solar Market Forecast

    13th May, 2021 | 2:00 PM Vietnam Time | Neoventure

    About the Event

    Attendees of this webinar will learn:
    – Potential, status quo and forecast of solar energy development in Vietnam;
    – Growth prediction of Vietnam solar energy: Ground-mounted vs. floating vs. rooftop solar;
    – DPPA, Corporate PPA and auction mechanism incentivization for solar energy development after 2021;
    – Key obstacles to overcome: grid issues, investment environment, bankability and insurability, competitiveness, curtailment, etc.
    – How shall master-plan approved ground-mounted solar project proceed?
    – Solar Inverter requirements (variety of requirements to meet the flexible demands of ground-mounted projects), advanced application solutions, etc.


    Nguyen Thanh Hai, Special Counsel, Baker Mckenzie
    Thomas Jakobsen, Managing Director, Indochina Energy Partners
    Milan Koev, Founder and CEO, Hexagon Peak, Independent Renewable Energy Consultant
    Tran Nguyen Hung, Project Developer, Scatec Solar
    Tony Cao, Technical Senior Manager, Solis



    Vietnam New Rules on Rooftop Solar & New Draft of National Power Development Plan

    9th April, 2021 | 3:00 IST | EQ Magazine


    Milan Koev, CEO – Hexagon Peak, Solar PV Consulting Professional

    Mr. Murthy R Nuni, Managing Director – Marshal Global Renewable Power

    Prashant Choubey, Senior Executive Vice President – Avaada Group (Moderator)

    Duc Hoang Nguyen, Business Development – Fourth Partner Energy

    Divya Kumar, Product Marketing Director (SE Asia) – FIMER

    Dang Vu, Managing Director – ND Engineering & Trading Ltd. Co.

    Ruth P. Briones, Chairman and CEO – Greenergy Solutions Inc.

    Nguyen Khoa, Managing Director – INPOS Ltd

    Van Anh Do , Clean Energy Finance Activity Manager – USAID Vietnam Urban Energy Security & INVEST


    Vietnam Solar Market Outlook 2021

    9th December 2021 | 3:00 pm IST | EQ Manazine


    Tran Van Trung, Director  – KPMG
    Thomas Jakobsen, Managing Director  – Indochina Energy Partners
    Milan Koev, CEO  – Hexagon Peak, Solar Energy Consultant
    Prashant Choubey, Senior Executive Vice President  – Avaada Energy  (MODERATOR)
    Vinod Kumar,  Senior Manager- Renewable  – Ernst & Young Services Private Limited
    Duc Hoang Nguyen, Business Development Manager  – Fourth Partner Energy
    Nguyen Van Tung, Director  – Nam Thach Han

    The Solar Power Channel Philippines

    16th – 19th November, 2021 | Future Energy Show – Terrapin 


    Reynaldo Casas, Board Director, Confederation of Solar Developers of the Philippines (CSDP)
    Edwin Almario, Sr Project Manager, Cleantech Global Renewables
    Thanawat Keereepart, RE Policy Expert/Task Lead, Abt Associates / USAID Clean Power Asia
    Atty. Angela Consuelo Ibay, Head, Climate & Energy Programme, WWF-Philippines
    , Chairman & CEO, Greenergy Solutions Inc.
    Daniel Mallo, MD & Head of Asia Pacific Energy, Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking
    Milan Koev, Co-Founder & CEO, Hexagon Peak, Solar Industry Consultant
    Aldren B. Samson, Group COO, Imperial Homes Corporation

    The Future Energy Show Philippines will take place back-to-back with The Future Energy Show Vietnam creating a 4-day mega event on the future of energy in two of Southeast Asia’s most exciting energy economies over 16-19 November.

    Vietnam Solar + Energy Storage Congress



    About the Event

    APAC Solar Energy Digital Event 2020, with the second subject centering around Vietnam market, will combine with Sponsor showcase, Webinar session and 1-to-1 Match-Making Online creating a one-stop business matching platform for all industry players to share knowledge, expand business contacts and get rid of the Covid-19 travel restricts.

    Unlike a typical webcast or virtual event, APAC Solar Energy Digital Event 2020 is an all-in-one online event platform optimized for connecting, for learning, knowledge sharing, networking and engaging with all industry players. From a sponsor/exhibitor showcase to one-to-one meetings with other attendees based on your profile, the platform will provide the chance to build your global network and find potential clients without having to leave your home or office.

    Panel Discussion: Transformation and Sustainability: Risks and Rewards, Opportunities and Challenges for the Era of Vietnam Solar 2.0


    – Dr. Minh K L., Research Analyst, Rystad Energy
    – Milan Koev, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Hexagon Peak, Clean Energy Consultant
    – Long Tran, Sales Director, Shire Oak International
    – Tran Nguyen Hung (Dennis Tran), Project Developer, Scatec Solar
    – Todd Li, Sales Director of ROA, APAC, Trina Solar Asia Pacific



     October 20th 

     · Sessions

    [Panel Discussion] Transformation and Sustainability: Risks and Rewards, Opportunities and Challenges for the Era of Vietnam Solar 2.0

     · Networking

    Online Match-Making Session

     · Sessions

    [Plenary Speech] Introduction of Auction Mechanism and Deployment in Vietnam/ How Far from the Application and Matured Framework?

     · Sessions

    [Plenary Speech] Stimulating Solar Energy Development in Vietnam and Embracing the 600W+ Era with Trina Solar

     · Sessions

    [Panel Discussion] The Way to Achieve Success and Maximize the Economic Benefits under Competitive Auction Mechanism – Implication on Projects, International and Local Collaboration & Sustainable Development in Vietnam

     · Networking

    Online Match-Making Session
    October 21st

     · Stage

    [Plenary Speech] Direct Power Purchase Agreement Program in Vietnam

     · Sessions

    [Panel Discussion] Owners vs. Investors/System Integrators: Rooftop Solar Power Development Acceleration in Vietnam

     · Networking

    Online Match-Making Session

     · Sessions

    [Plenary Speech] Development Trend of Vietnam C&I Market and The Way to Maximize Efficiency with Solis 5th Gen Smart Inverters

     · Sessions

    [Plenary Speech] Grid Upgrade Plan in Vietnam – Grid Load and Grid Capacity Analysis for Sustainable Renewable Energy Development

     · Networking

    Online Match-Making Session
    October 22nd

     · Sessions

    [Plenary Speech] COD Solar Assets Transactions in Vietnam – Legal Requirement, Risks and Hurdles to Overcome

     · Sessions

    [Panel Discussion]: Mergers and Acquisitions: Risk Management and Long-term Benefits on Operational Solar Farms in Vietnam

     · Networking

    Online Match-Making Session

     · Sessions

    [Plenary Speech] Vietnam Energy Storage System Market – Growth, Trend and Forecast

     · Sessions

    [Plenary Speech] The Way to Achieve High Efficiency – Advanced Solar Roof and Tracking System Showcase by Antai Solar

     · Sessions

    [Panel Discussion] Beyond the Solar Boom: Optimizing the Operation & Maintenance and Performance Management of Solar Energy Portfolio to Maximize the Solar Energy Efficiency and Deliver Extra Value in Vietnam

     · Sessions

    [Plenary Speech] Rising Vietnam, Rising Sunergy

    JitheshDev Kuniyil – Head of Renewables, TTC Group

    Jack Zhong – Sales Director of Asia & Pacific Team, Sunergy

    Andrew Clark – Senior Project Development Manager, SEA, BayWa r.e.

    Duc Dinh – Deputy Manager, Power System Analysis and Planning Department, National Load Dispatch Centre (NLDC)

    Minh Le – Research Analyst, Rystad Energy

    Hyunjung Lee – Senior Energy Economist, Asian Development Bank (ADB)

    Gary Zieff – Principal Energy Advisor, V-LEEP Program

    Peng Cao – Technical Senior Manager, Ginlong Solis

    Hung (Dennis) Tran Nguyen – Project Developer, Scatec Solar

    Vu Nguyen – Sales Director, Shire Oak International

    Udayadittya Shome – Head of Sales and Supply Chain – APAC, Juwi Group

    Rosie Lee – Managing Director, Indochina Energy Partners

    Tau Nguyen – Country Director of Business Development, ACWA Power

    Bence Szegedi – Vice President, Asia Investment Team, SUSI Partners

    Frederick Burke – Senior Partner, Baker McKenzie

    David Seibert – Senior Advisor, Deputy Head of the Regional Energy, Mining, and Infrastructure Practice Group, DFDL

    Milan Koev – Founder & CEO, Hexagon Peak

    Samresh Kumar – Executive Chairman and CEO, SkyX Solar

    Pierre-Manuel Patry – Chief of Sales & Marketing Officer, LYS Energy Group

    Oman Singh – Regional Director, BD and Operations, Hero Future Energies

    Constantinos Peonides – Executive Director, Alectris

    Emma Lin – Overseas Manager, Antai Solar

    Ly Nguyen – Director, KPMG Vietnam

    Long Tran – Sales Director, Shire Oak International

    Todd Li – Sales Director of ROA, APAC, Trina Solar

    Lim Cheongboon – Head of Product and Marketing, APAC, Trina Solar

    Ha Do – Senior Partner, KPMG Vietnam


    The Solar Show Philippines 2020

    28th – 29th October, 2020 | SMX Convention Center – Manila Philippines | Future Energy Asia

    About the Event

    The Solar Show Philippines is the world’s largest energy event show. The event is a strategic conference and covers the market developments of the solar industry. The event involves more than 200 speakers, 5000 attendees, and 250 exhibitors. And Meet and partner with the utilities, power producers, investors, developers, large energy users, government bodies and key industry stakeholders in the Philippines. The Solar Show Philippines is co-located with our The Future Energy Show Philippines 2020, which is taking place on 28-29 October 2020 at SMX Convention Center Manila. This event is FREE to attend.

    Go for the 600+W Era: Solar Future Forecast and State-of-art Technology Display in Vietnam

    About the Event

    – Solar policy/regulations and development in Vietnam Circular18 Updates), and how the market is likely to evolve in the next five years?
    – What’s high-power module, and Vietnam market impacts of high-power modules?
    – How high-power module affects the gross project investment, future economic development, and others?
    – Entering the 600W+ era, and what’s inside the Vertex module?
    – Technology innovation and solutions applied in solar power development, and the implication on Vietnam market.
    – Future ready with SMA inverter solutions.


    Cheong Boon Lim, Head of Product and Marketing, APAC, Trina Solar Asia Pacific
    Milan Koev, Founder and CEO, Hexagon Peak, Solar Systems Cosnultant
    Dave Seibert, Senior Advisor and Deputy Head of the Regional Energy, Mining, and Infrastructure Practice Group, DFDL
    Priyamvada Pandit, Technical Sales Support Manager, SMA Solar Technology AG