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World-saving News from Week 25

• West Africa is no longer a “no-go” zone for capital deployment with Togo adding a 50 MW solar plant

• Pipeline of global offshore wind tops 200 GW

• Michigan, US to go coal free by 2025

• Audi becomes 100% electric by 2026

• Tesla kicks off a solar supercharging station in Lhasa, China

• Amazon becomes one of the world’s largest solar IPPs with 10 GW capacity

• €40m worth solar project without secured revenues takes off in Serbia

• Germany lends €238m for renewable energy in Bangladesh

• India added 1 GW of solar during COVID-hit April and May

• China hits 12% electric vehicles share

• New renewables now cheaper than operational coal

• China’s PV capacity at 260 GW

• Rockefeller and IKEA foundations to invest $1bn in small scale renewables

• Albania launches first tender for wind power

• First shovel on battery gigafactory in Spain

• Maldives launching a solar tender