Today is just the right time we start talking about sustainable and green energy, and actually start acting upon it.

With nearly 13 years of experience in the solar photovoltaic industry, I have gathered knowledge. There is no other wealth like knowledge, so I am here to share it. And if as a solar energy consultant I contribute even with a minor help for enabling more investments into renewable power, I will spare no effort to get to the core of every quest for industry intelligence.

Some of the key customers advised on renewable energy projects.

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Core expertise as a solar energy consultant.

Project & Equity Financing

PPA & Lease Agreements

Market Research and Analysis

Market Analysis & Research

Solar Industry Legal Framework

Legal & Regulations

Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling & IRR

Market Participants

Key Market Participants

Marketing Strategies

Marketing & Sales Strategies

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain & Construction

Merger And Acquisition

Mergers & Acquisitions

Electricity & Feed-in Tariffs

Market Outlook And Forecast

Industry Outlook

Customized Industry Report

Project Due Diligence


How to arrange a consultancy assignment?

You can arrange a consultancy assignment on solar energy industry topics with Milan on one of the following professional experts networks: GLG, ThirdBridge, LYNK, Guidepoint, AlphaSights, Coleman or ProSapient. Alternatively you can get in touch with Milan on customized advisory requests.

Can I conduct the consultancy in full confidentiality?

Yes, absolutely. Any consultation work is subject to strict confidentiality terms agreed upon and signed off with the professional networks. Unless you prefer to, your company, project or customer names shall not be revealed during any consultation.

Will I receive any confidential information during the consultation?

No. Any information that qualifies as “Confidential” will be avoided during the consultation and only such information that is public or not subject to any confidentiality terms will be shared during consultations.

How do I arrange commercial terms on the engagement of a solar energy consultant?

All commercial terms are directly arranged with the professional experts networks and are subject to their subscription conditions. Please get in touch on customized projects. 

What type of consultancy work are you available for?

Green power consultants are most typically independent and remotely located. Consultancy projects can be anything from a single phone call, through a series of Q&A sessions on particular topic or topics. In addition: attendance at customer’s workshops, seminars and conferences in topics associated with sustainable energy; due diligence projects with technical, legal or financial scope of work; companies or project pipelines evaluation and others.

Drop me a line.

Professional Biography

Milan is a holder of Masters degree in Marketing from New Bulgarian University and before becoming a solar energy consultant, Milan has over 17 years of international experience, 13 years of which in the downstream, midstream and upstream value chain of the solar PV industry, serving at senior management positions in China, Hong Kong and Singapore with a leading solar energy project developer – Sunseap Group, a solar EPC contractor – Rays Experts and two PV module manufacturing companies – REC Solar and CNPV Solar Power. His latest role is as Founder and CEO of a solar and wind power project development platform Hexagon Holdings, with which Milan is setting up the first global crowdfunding platform, dedicated to financing renewable energy projects all over the world. 

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Founder and Chief Executive Officer | Solar Energy Consultant

Hexagon Holdings is a solar development platform, established in February 2019 as a group holding company, branded under Hexagon Peak, headquartered in Singapore with core business activities in Project Development, EPC and Asset Management of photovoltaic rooftop and utility scale projects.

Sunseap Logo

Vice-President International Business Development

Sunseap Group is the largest clean energy solutions provider in Singapore, with a portfolio of projects that range from rooftop installations to floating photovoltaic (PV) systems. The group holds 3 entities, Sunseap Leasing, Sunseap International and Sunseap Energy.

Vice-President Sales and Marketing Asia-Pacific

Founded in Norway in 1996, REC is a leading vertically integrated solar panels manufacturer. REC is a Bluestar company with HQ in Norway and operational HQ in Singapore. REC employs more than 1,500 employees worldwide, producing 1.4 GW of solar panels annually.

Ray Power Experts

Partner, Managing Director APAC

Rays Experts is a Singapore registered JV between Solarinfinite Ltd., a solar equipment distributor in Europe and Rays Power Experts Pty. Ltd., one of the top PV EPC(F) companies in India with a market share of 8% in 2015 and over 400 MW of completed projects on turn-key basis, both ground mounted and rooftop.

CNPV Power Logo

Head of Global Marketing

CNPV, founded in 2006, is a leading solar company, manufacturing ingots, wafers, cells and supplying highly efficient crystalline solar photovoltaic modules, which provide reliable and environmentally clean electric power to on-grid and off-grid residential, commercial, industrial and utility scale applications.

Recent Advisory Categories in Solar Energy.

Utility Scale Solar

A Solar Energy Consultant on Utility Scale Solar project requires a complex matrix of expertise, including regulatory frameworks, technical and techno-economic data analysis, environmental impacts and among others evaluation of stakeholders. 

Rooftop C&I Solar

Rooftop is the future of solar. One of the key advantages of solar power is its scalability. Thus rooftop applications can solve issues of intermittency on the grid, as it is a decentralized way to produce electricity. Self-consumption or so called “behind-the-meter” solar rooftop systems enable off-takers (customers) to consume electricity generated on-site. This type of projects are creating a self-driven industry without a need for government support of subsidies, because as of today almost everywhere in the world the cost for solar power or the so-called Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) is much lower than the electricity retail tariffs from the grid networks. 

Residential Solar

Residential solar is a mini-industry within the solar industry, whcih creates additional layer in the value chain – distribution. The distribution and EPC business in residential active geographies, such as USA, Australia and Western Europe has been growing steadily over the last decade driven by the ever increasing gap between the retail electricity tariffs and the cost for solar power. This is also the most profitable segment for the entire value chain, from manufacturing and selling equipment, through distribution, EPC and O&M and asset management. But it is also the most human resource intense segment with insignificant scalling up opportunities. 

Floating Solar

Floating solar is the newest segment of the solar idustry. While this segment is still considered immature and financing instritutions hesitate to grant non-recourse loans especially for 0ff-shore floating solar, because of the lack of data on the longevity and performance of such systems, the segment is promt to exponential grwoth. Floating solar solves a problem in countries where access for land is a challgenge, such as Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan in Asia. Key for the growth of the segment will be the maturity of operational systems, the optimization of floating equipment cost and maintenance techniques, which add to the project CapEx and OpEx. 

Solar & Storage

Solar & Storage projects have been accelerating their presense driven largely by the reduction of battery cost and their lifetime improvements. Solar & Storage applications come with a relatively higher LCOE compared to standalone solar systems due to the higher CapEx and OpEx, thus they are only applicable to geographies with high retail electricity cost or a big gap between off-peak and on-peak tariffs. Solar & Storage solves intermittency issues whereby the generated electricity is stored for when it is mostly needed. 

Off-Grid Solar
Energy Efficiency

Client Testimonials.

I had the pleasure to work with Milan on a M&A project in the renewable energy space our Infrastructure Investment team was engaged with. Throughout the multiple interviews I have conducted with Milan, he has given me insights, market knowledge and data, which greatly helped for me to understand in very detail the specifics of the solar industry in Southeast Asia and its dynamics. He has since then been our leading solar energy consultant. 

Alison G.

Senior Analyst, Tier 1 Investment Bank

We were involved in the evaluation of a solar IPP firm on the buyer’s side in Europe and Milan has helped with structuring the entire Due Diligence process from A to Z. Strongly recommended for complex consultancy scope in renewable energy!

Sam H.

Investment Consultant, European Equity Investment Group

I was positively surprised of the depth of knowledge on the entire solar industry vertical!

Jonathan W.

Market Reseach Analyst

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